Sentricon® System

Your beautiful home deserves the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, the best termite protection available. Please take a few moments to review the features and benefits of this system proven to eliminate termite colonies. With the Sentricon® System, you'll never have to worry about subterranean termites.

Terrible Termites


The Sentricon® System is the best way to protect your home.

The Sentricon® System has proven its effectiveness on more than a million properties worldwide, including the White House and the Statue of Liberty. It not only eliminates the termite colonies that attack your home, but ongoing monitoring will protect your home from future termite infestations. Here are some of the advantages of the Sentricon System:

  • It continuously monitors for the presence of termites.
  • Numerous university and scientific studies prove that the Sentricon® System eliminates current termite colonies and protects your home from future termite invasions.
  • Recruit is highly desirable, preferred four to one over wood by termites.
  • It requires no disruptive drilling or trenching in and around your new home.
  • It eliminates the need for basic liquid termiticide barrier treatment.
  • It's an added feature that increases the value of your home.
  • It's only available from highly trained Authorized Operators.
  • It's the best termite protection your home or business will ever need.

How the Sentricon® System works:

  1. Sentricon® stations are placed in the soil around your home.
  2. The stations deliver Recruit termite bait, a highly palatable bait.
  3. The termites feed on Recruit termite bait, tunnel out and signal other colony nestmates to feed on the bait. As they do, the colony is eliminated.
  4. The Sentricon® System remains baited with Recruit after the colony is eliminated to intercept and eliminate future infestations.

New Sentricon® HD Always Active Termite Elimination System

Every station is baited 24/7 365 days a year with the Sentricon® Always Active System. There is no waiting period for the baiting process to begin, once the termites locate the stations and begin feeding on the HD bait the elimination process has begun. The new Always Active bait has 2 times more of the active ingredient than the previous bait matrix, will resist mold, fungus, and breaking down in the soil.

Do you have an original Sentricon System and would like to upgrade? Please contact us for more information. There is only a small one-time fee to upgrade to the new Sentricon® HD Always Active Termite Colony Elimination System.

Sentricon Termite Colony Elimintation System

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Expect professional service.

A professional technician will assess your property, install Sentricon® stations around your property. Only the best in the industry are selected to install and service the Sentricon® System. And Arrow Exterminators is the only company in Oklahoma to receive customer satisfaction awards for servicing the Sentricon ® System.

Sentricon Colony Elimination System by Arrow Exterminators, Oklahoma  The Sentricon system keeps working to eliminate termites from your home  Arrow Exterminators delivers the Sentricon System to Oklahoma

Your property deserves it.

Your home or property is a valuable asset and deserves the best termite protection available. The Sentricon® System acts as a long-term termite security system to continually protect your home through the continuous cycle of monitoring, baiting and eliminating.

Along with this proven protection, you'll find that professional service is a hallmark of the Sentricon® System. We look forward to talking with you and protecting your property from termites.