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Scorpions are related to spiders and ticks, and include around fifty different species in the U.S. All known species of scorpions use venom to paralyze their prey while hunting or as a self-defense. That venom is a mixture of various toxins. Though they have a reputation for being dangerous, even lethal, the scorpion common to our area delivers a sting similar to that of a wasp. Scorpions tend to hide during the day and feed at night.

Ask the Entomologist.

Scorpions can regrow appendages. Most scorpion stings are slightly painful but not dangerous. Of the more than 1000 known species of scorpions, only 25 are dangerous to humans.

However, a sting from the sculptured scorpion can be fatal within hours. They have not been found in Oklahoma yet, but if you are traveling to Arizona, watch out!


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