Recent News

July 2011 - Arrow Exterminators adds TEMP-AIR Thermal Remediation

Arrow is the ONLY company in Oklahoma using this system. To battle insecticide-resistant bed bugs we use the only equipment designed specifically for the application of heat to kill bed bugs.

April 2011 - Arrow Exterminators offering latest Sentricon innovation

We're excited to offer you the latest advancement to the Sentricon System --- Always Active technology. Always Active technology features innovative Recruit HD termite bait, which is inserted into all Sentricon stations upon installation so a monitoring-only phase is not necessary. Recruit HD termite bait is Highly Durable in the soil and resistant to degradation; Highly Desirable to termites, preferred over wood in laboratory and field tests; and Highly Dense, with more than double the amount of termite colony-killing bait in a single device than the previous bait. Read more about Recruit HD

April 2010 © Sentricon Earns Green Chemistry Award

At Arrow Exterminators, we believe in protecting our environment, and as we move forward, we will lead the way with Green Chemistry Innovation. Read more.