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Tulsa Garden

Liquid treatments applied by other pest control companies had never gained control of the termite problem at the Tulsa Garden Club. Sentricon* applied by Arrow Exterminators eliminated all termite activity within one year.

Tulsa Garden
Woodland Terrace

Woodland Terrace needed a valid solution to their ongoing termite problem. Using smelly liquid chemicals was not an option. Safety to their residents was paramount. They decided that Arrow Exterminators and the Sentricon Termite Elimination System* was the only logical solution.

Woodland Terrace

One of Tulsa's largest condominium complexes consisting of 63 buildings spread over 9 acres has had liquid treatments done for years by other companies with no real control. The homeowners voted overwhelmingly to switch to Arrow Exterminators and the Sentricon System*.


Termites are hungry for knowledge! Have you digested a good book lately? You will eat those words one day. The homeowner was at a loss for words. (We know, this is no laughing matter.)

Arrow Exterminators - Book Termite Damage
Hidden Damage

Hidden damage found while repairs were being made. Termites usually work from the inside-out. When damage is found on the surface, termites have been there for quite some time.

Arrow Exterminators - Hidden Termite Damage
Tinker Air Force Base

Arrow Exterminators proudly serves the United States Air Force at Tinker Air Force Base.

Arrow Exterminators proudly serves the United States Air Force at Tinker Air Force Base

A soldier termite protecting workers as they feed.

Arrow Exterminators - Termite Infestation: Soldier & Workers
Tubes Stem Wall

Termite shelter tubes on a stem wall leading termites to the wooden sill plate.

Arrow Exterminators - Tubes Stem Wall
Box Joist Tube

Tube on a box joist.

Arrow Exterminators - Box Joist Tube
Siding Damage

Damage to siding found while probing an area that had some moisture damage. Termites are attracted to high moisture areas.

Arrow Exterminators - Siding Termite Damage
Monster Tube

A free standing shelter tube, larger and harder than a baseball bat! Tubes like this exist under slabs which is one reason why liquid treatments are ineffective.

Arrow Exterminators - Monster Tube
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