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Our goal is to provide and maintain the highest quality professional pest and termite control services available. Arrow Exterminators, Inc. will use the most technologically advanced methods and materials applied by trained and licensed technicians to achieve that goal. We strive to serve and protect our customers' health and property with the same honesty and respect for their homes, businesses and families that have made Arrow Exterminators, Inc. THE trusted name in Oklahoma pest control for more than 50 years.
Michael R. Fulps
Arrow Exterminators, Inc.

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Oklahoma's fastest growing pest control company is searching for quality individuals to pursue a career in the pest control industry. Are you the official pest control person in your home?

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Pest Prevention Tip for January

Pest Prevention Tip of the MonthWhether stripping does more than just keep out cold air—it can also reduce the number of pests coming in. Apply new (or replace old and brittle) weather-stripping around all exterior doors, including garage doors. Caulk cracks and other openings in exterior walls, including where pipes and wires go through walls.